Jeep Wrangler 1994-2017 Turn Signal LED Lights Installation

How to Install LED Turn Signal lights onto Jeep Wrangler

Ready to make some changes??? How about upgrading your dingy old halogen turn signal lights with ALLA Lighting extremely bright LED bulbs. Installation can be a bit scary, however we here at ALLA Lighting have provided simple step by step installation process for easy DYI. He have even added how to install load resistors if your vehicle requires. No need to worry and no need to take your vehicle to a professional shop. We have all the information you will need to replace our Jeep Wrangler (Jeep) Front Turn Signal Lights. 

Before we get started, make sure you have the necessary tools listed below. For some vehicles, no extra tools are required, however for this installation post, we have listed the below tools that we used. 

Lets get started:

Step#1 : Open the hood and find the six locking fasteners along the top of the grill that will need to be removed.

Step#2 : Pry out each fastener. TIP: you may have to lift the middle and pop it out if the factory fasteners are still installed, otherwise they will pop straight out.

Step#3 : Pop free the hidden locking tabs that are behind the light (Grasp the grill firmly with two hands and give it a quick pull straight towards you for both sides)

Step#4 : Remove the bulb from the housing( Remove it by turning it counter clockwise to unlock and the bulb will come straight out) 

Step#5 : Now its time to plug in the new LED bulbs (from ALLA Lighting) Simply connect the bulbs just as a regular bulb.

Step#6 : If the LED bulbs are hyper-flashing (flashing faster than normal) then the vehicle will require a load resistor. This is due to the low current of the LED bulbs and how the vehicle electrical system is able to detect the draw.

Step#7 : Add the load resistor by plugging it in to the car, and then the bulb into the load resistor(For complete installation instructions for both universal and plug and play load resistors click on the link on the bottom)

Step#8 : Finish installing the load resistor by hanging it on something metal where it won’t contact any plastic or wires

Step#9 : To plug the bulb back( you’ll notice three tabs. Line up the largest of the three with the largest slot. Turn clockwise to finish locking it in)

Step#10 : Repeat the process for the other side

Step#11 : Line up the locking tabs you popped free earlier. And with your palm, give it a quick rap until it clicks in. And, the same for the other side

Step#12 : Replace all the plastic locking fasteners along the top by pushing them in

Please check out the complete installation video via links below

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