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When you upgrade to LED headlight conversion kits bulbs, flickering or error code may happen for BMW, Audi, VW, Benze, Mini Cooper, some Dodge vehicles, etc. Solutions here to help you solve the issue.

How to Align/Aim/Adjust Headlights – LED Upgrade

How to Align/Aim/Adjust Headlights – LED Upgrade LED lights are much stronger, more durable, and overall brighter. With that, you may want to switch your headlights to LED type. When you switch to LED headlights, you can’t just install them and expect them to… Continue Reading “How to Align/Aim/Adjust Headlights – LED Upgrade”

Halogen vs HID vs LED Headlights

Recently we heard a lot about halogen vs HID, halogen vs LED, HID vs LED headlights, which one is better? Since the first car was made, manufacturers have been looking for ways to improve their products in every way possible. Perhaps no component on… Continue Reading “Halogen vs HID vs LED Headlights”

LED Headlight Bulbs Flickering or Error Code

LED Headlights Bulbs Installation Guide

   How to Avoid the LED Headlight Fast Blinking?   Alla Lighting LED Headlights are compatible for most vehicles, just directly plug and play, easy installation. Yet for some European vehicles or the newest version vehicles built in CAN-BUS system, and the led headlight… Continue Reading “LED Headlight Bulbs Flickering or Error Code”