2018-2020 Ford Expedition Low Beam LED Headlight bulb Installation

Ford Expedition Headlight LED Upgrade

We will be replacing the low beam headlights in this 2018 Ford Expedition XLT with all new LED bulbs from ALLA Lighting. 

The below image shows this Expedition with the halogen bulbs still installed.

Lets get started. 

Step 1. You will require to access the housing though the wheel well. Remove the 3 bolts, plus one locking tab.  Once removed, you’ll be able to peel back the fender liner starting near the edge.


Step 2.

Peel of the dust cover and turn the bulb counter-clockwise to unlock. You can then pull the bulb straight out of the housing. 

Step 3.

Unplug the wire harness by lifting the tab and pull

Step 4.

Easily replaced by plugging in your new LED bulb directly into the wire harness.  Install the bulb back into the housing… and turn clockwise to lock it in.

Technician Tip: If you have troubles getting a good grip on the bulb because of the tight space. Try wearing a rubber glove to make gripping the bulb easier. 

Step 5:

Almost Done!!! Re-Install dust cover (make sure all sides are secured) 

Step 6:

Re-install the fender liner by tightening the 3 bolts that were removed during Step 1 and replace the locking tab that was also removed.

Step 7:

Repeat Steps 1-5 on opposite of the vehicle and FINISHED. Now lets take a look at the new LED headlight low beams for ALLA Lighting.

Finished results. New LED headlight low beams from ALLA Lighting

Our Newest LED FL-BH bulbs are one of the brightest LEDs on the market with total light output of 12,500LM (6,000LM) per bulb. Feel free to  contact ALLA Lighting for all of your LED needs. 

FL-BH H8 H9 H11 LED Headlight Bulbs - Brightest Kit Replace

Check out our wide options for your Ford Expedition interior lighting in LEDs!! 

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