Miniature LED Bulb

Miniature LED bulbs means the miniature LED lights bulbs in automotive lighting, like T10 LED bulb, T15 wedge LED lights bulbs, festoon 28mm, 31mm, 36mm, 41mm bulbs, they can be used as license plate light, interior map lights, dome lights, trunk lights, step light, door light, exterior side marker light, parking light, etc.

By theory, LED lights should last up to 30,000 working hours. Realistically though, external factors add upto the longevity of the bulbs. These factors include heat, voltage/current, weather, vehicle application, etc, can decrease the lifespan of the bulbs.  Ultimately, the LED bulbs last up to 20,000 hours.


You can get from a variety of colors, such as the ones we provide - White, blue, red, yellow. However, the color we would recommend is Xenon white, or 6K white because that is technically the brightest. 


There are no restrictions when it comes to what light should you put in the interior of the car. For the exterior, we would recommend you double check with your local or state laws. You can have a good idea by this:

Front of vehicle - 

Rear of vehicle - 
White (license plate) 

Following the above guide should be considered typically safe, but it is still recommended to double check. 


The T10/T15 are relatively small bulbs that belong to the miniature wedge LED family. 

The T10 is associated with these bulbs: 168, 194, 2825, 2827, W5W. These are the typical bulb sizes for this category and would be suitable for the side marker, license plate, parking light, and all interior lights. 
The T15 bulb size is associated with these bulbs: 921, 906, 912, etc. They are used for reverse lights (when backing up). 


Most commonly known as 'festoon' type bulbs, these are the type that have metal ends on either ends. 

Commonly used for: Interior lights for most vehicles. 

D31 bulbs are 31mm, and are associated with: DE3175, DE3022, and DE3021 bulb size. Again, these are uses for interior lighting. 

D36 bulbs are 36mm, and are associated with: 6418, 6411, C5W, DE3425, and DE3423 bulb size. They can be used for license plate lights. 

D42 bulbs are 42mm, and are associated with: 578, 211-2, 212-2, and 579 bulb size. They can be used for interior lighting. 

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