Category: Trouble Shooting

When you change, replace or upgrade LED headlight, fog light, signal brake light, you may meet troubles like error code, signal hyper flash, troubleshooting solutions are offered here.

Fix LED Turn Signal Light Hyper Flash

LED Turn Signal Lights Bulbs Installation Guide

How to Fix LED Turn Signal Light Hyper Flash/Blinking Fast? Do you meet the led turn signal light blink fast or hyper flash? No worries, here are easy solutions. The led bulbs hyper flash due to led bulbs draw much less current than stock…

LED Headlight Bulbs Flickering or Error Code

LED Headlights Bulbs Installation Guide

   How to Avoid the LED Headlight Fast Blinking?   Alla Lighting LED Headlights are compatible for most vehicles, just directly plug and play, easy installation. Yet for some European vehicles or the newest version vehicles built in CAN-BUS system, and the led headlight…

LED Switchback Light Bulb w/o White at DRL Mode for Toyota Tacoma

LED Turn Signal Lights Bulbs FAQ

Issue with your LED switchback bulb for your Toyota Tacoma DRL only turning white while your headlamps are on and amber yellow while your headlamps are off? Don’t worry. We (Alla Lighting) are here to help. Below is a detailed explanation and solution for your current…