50W 6ohm Load Resistor

How to install Universal 50W-6ohm-Load-resistor to fix common issues caused by vehicle electrical system unable to detect LEDs low current

Universal Load Resistor 50W 6OHM Power for LED Bulbs to solve fast flashing and error code
Universal Load Resistors

How to install universal 50W 6ohm load resistors. to solve common LED upgrade symptoms (flickering, hyper-flashing) for all type of vehicles. Easy installation, step by step instructions, installation tips and guides for best installation and product performance.  

Experiencing flickering, hyper-flashing, error codes or other similar issues with your new LED bulbs? Some of the common symptoms some vehicles may experience are due to the LEDs low current nature. Since all LED bulbs are low current, at times, a vehicle electrical system is unable to detect the new LED bulbs correctly causing these symptoms. Not to worry! Installing a Load Resistor will solve these issues. 

The following item is ALLA Lighting Universal 50W 6 OHM load resistors will solve those issues for you!

The following information is a step by step instructions on how to install in line 50W-6ohm load resistors:

Compatible Vehicles: ALL vehicles and ALL applications

Tools Required: Pliers would be recommended and safety gloves.

Lets Get Started!!!

Step: 1) Open 1 of the Red T-Taps

Step: 2) Install Red T-Tap over vehicle Negative Wire

Step: 3) Insert one end of load resistor into red T-Tap 

Insert one end of load resistor into red T-tap

Step: 4) Squeeze red T-Tap (with pliers for tighter seal) and splice through wires

50W 6ohm Load Resistor 6

Step: 5) Close cap on red T-Tap to complete one end of load resistor

close T-Tap to seal clips

Step: 6) Open the next red T-Tap (Step 1) and install vehicle Positive Wire

Insert vehicle positive wire into t-tap

Step: 7) Now install other end of load resistor and repeat splicing process (steps 4 and 5)

insert other end of load resistor into same t-tap as positive wire
Finished results once load
resistor have been connected: 
complete results once both end of load resistors and vehicle wires are connected

Step: 8) Mount heat sync (metal tab) to metal on vehicle

*The gold yellow heat sink will get extremely hot. Potential melting damage if not properly installed. Must keep away from all plastic and wires. For best performance, mount gold yellow heat sink to metal. Do not mount heat sink to engine, plastic, glass or rubber*
Mount metal tab to metal and away from wires or plastic

Check out our Step by Step installation video! Need more Help? contact us at ALLA Lighting www.allalighting.com

Congratulations!! Your installation is now complete for the 50W-6ohm load resistors. If you experienced any issues in which unable to complete installation please contact us for assistance. If the LED bulbs continue hyper-flashing, flickering, or cause error code, please contact us for further solution. Common issue is require more than 1 resistor per bulb. If LED bulb is a dual filament, at times, will require 2 resistors per bulb per application to solve issue of flickering, hyper-flashing and other similar symptoms.

Please feel free to contact us at service@allalighting.com for assistance. Our team of highly trained representatives will be available to assist and provide best solution. May also visit us at www.allalighting.com 

Looking for load resistors for other applications (ex: fog light, low beam, high beam, brake light etc). Check out the below size guide!  For your reference only. Please check the vehicle owner’s manual before purchasing or reference the original bulb part number. Exclusions apply due to possible variations. 

More options? Check out our Plug and Play 50W 6ohm Load Resistors:

Lower Temperature Load Resistors Available: 

Looking for more options, visit us online or email us at service@allalighting.com Our highly trained customer support specialists are able to assist with locating compatible LED bulbs, troubleshooting and installation questions. 

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