2001- 2020 Toyota 4Runner LED Back Up Reverse Lights Installation

Toyota 4Runner LED Reverse Light Bulbs Installation Guide

How to Install Back Up Reverse Lights Bulbs for 2001 ~ 2020 Toyota 4Runner?

As you know, the stock halogen back up reverse light for your 2001-2019 Toyota 4Runner must be very dim, replacing the reverse lamp to LED lights bulbs is very big different upgrade: improve much more visibility while backing up and luxury looking for your 4Runner sport unitility vehicles (SUVs), especially driving in off-road use.

Also if your vehicle’s reverse lights bulbs have been upgraded to high illumination LED bulbs, which will make you see clearer, further & wider sports through dash screen, which will be more safer for backing up and is very important at night time.

Bulb Size for 2001 – 2020 Toyota 4Runner: 921 W16W

Compatible vehicles for 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Toyota 4Runner.

Below we will show you how to install LED back up reverse lights bulbs for 2010 ~ 2020 Toyota 4Runner, it is the same way as replacing or changing reverse light bulb to different version’s bulbs, just pleas make sure the back-up reverse lights’ bulb size is 921/912/W16.


Step #1: Locate the tab, remove the plastic cover to gain access to stock lamps

2010-2020 TOyota 4Runner LED Back Up Reverse Lights Installation Guide Step One
2010-2020 TOyota 4Runner LED Back Up Reverse Lights Installation Guide Step One

Step#2: Locate Reverse Bulb and twist counter clockwise to remove the bulb from the reverse light’s housing

2001- 2020 Toyota 4Runner LED Back Up Reverse Lights Installation 1

Step#3: Remove stock halogen or incandescent reverse lamp by softly pulling straight out of the socket


Step#4: Connect the reverse light’s wiring


Step#5: Insert LED BULB INTO reverse light’s housing, and twist clockwise to lock into the vehicle’s housing and test it to see whether it lights up.


Please note: for some LED bulbs, they are polarity type, if the bulb doesn’t light up, please flip it 180° degrees(rotate it) and try to install again.

If you are looking for other bulb applications’ installation guide like LED headlight, fog lights, signal lights, brake stop lights, tail light, interior lights for Toyota 4Runner, please click Toyota 4Runner LED Lights for more details.

For more bulbs’ applications for 2010 – 2019 Toyota 4Runner LED lights, please click below link by choosing different car’s year, submodel and bulb type, and you will find the best LED bulbs options, easy and accurate search: https://allalighting.com/shop/common/listed-by-vehicle/Toyota/4Runner.html

Below we also show the bulb size for different positions for 2010 – 2019 Toyota 4Runner LED lights bulbs at your convenience ( please search below bulb size directly at https://allalighting.com/ for more product details):

Toyota 4Runner Front Exterior Lights:

High Beam Headlight Bulb (halogen): 9005 HB3
Low Beam Headlight Bulb (halogen ): H11
Front Fog Light Bulb (halogen): H11 H16
Front Daytime Running Light Bulb (for 2014-2019 4Runner): 9005 HB3
Front Daytime Running Light Bulb (for 2010-2013 4Runner): 1156NA
Front Side Marker Light Bulb: 168
Front Turn Signal Light Bulb: 7444NA
Parking Light: 7444NA

Toyota 4Runner Rear Exterior Lights:

Back-Up Reverse Light Bulb: 921 W16W
Brake Stop / Tail Lights Bulb (for 2010-2013 4Runner): 7443 (LED for 2014-2019 4Runner)
Stop / Tail and Rear Side Marker Light Bulb for 2010-2013 4Runner: 7443 (LED for 2014-2019 4Runner)
License Plate Light Bulb: 168
Rear Turn Signal Light Bulb: 7440NA WY21W
Center High Mounted Stop Light/3rd Brake Light: LED

Toyota 4Runner Interior Lights:

Dome Light Bulb: DE3175
Trunk Light / Luggage Compartment Light Bulb: DE3175
Map Light Bulb: 168
Vanity Mirror Light Bulb: 175
Interior Door Light Bulb: 168

Please note, for above applications upgrade to LED bulbs, for all interior lights, back-up reverse light, low beam headlight ,fog light, front side marker light, stop light, and license plate light, just plug and play, easy installation.
Yet for turn signal light, extra load resistors maybe required to avoid the signal hyp

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