How to Locate, Replace, Install Hazard & Turn Signal Flasher Relay LED to fix quick blinker On a Toyota Camry

How to install


Hyper flash is a common symptom of LED turn signal upgrades. The issue is caused by the LED bulb not drawing enough current, making your vehicle think the bulbs are no longer functional. Upgrading your flasher to an LED relay flasher will resolve the issue as the LED relay will change the electrical draw tolerance and allow your vehicle to recognize the LED bulbs  as traditional bulbs reliving the fast blinker issue.

If choose to upgrade your flasher with an LED flasher, it is best to confirm you have the correct replacement by referencing the original stock part number located in the vehicles direct owner’s manual or directly on the relay.  

Below we will show you how to install your new ALLA Lighting LED relay to your Toyota Camry.

The following information is a step by step instructions on how to install your new 8-pin LED flasher. 

Compatible Vehicles: 2002 Toyota Camry, 2003 Toyota Camry,  2004 Toyota Camry, 2005 Toyota Camry, 2006 Toyota Camry

Tools Required: The following will be the recommended tools required for your installation. 


Lets Get Started!!!

Step: 1) First, locate your relay flasher. One way to locate your flasher is to trigger your turn signal and follow the clicking noise. For the 2002-2006 Toyota Camry, the flasher is located along the kick panel. 2007-2009 the relay is behind the steering wheel under the dash board.

Step: 2) To remove the kick panel first remove the trim piece in the doorway as well as the screw located along the back side along the firewall then pull towards you to free the locking tabs along the kick panel and expose the relay.

Step: 3) Confirm you have located the correct flasher by engaging the turn signal and placing your finger on the relay flasher. You should feel the flasher clicking. Once confirmed remove the key from the vehicle to stop any current from going through the circuit.

Step: 4) With a pair of plyers, grab the relay and pull/wiggle the flasher out of the fuse pane while depressing the retaining clip. Unplug the flasher.

Step: 5) Power the vehicle and engage turn signal to confirm you have removed the correct relay. Your turn signal should not turn on when engaged. Once relay confirmed power the vehicle off.

Step: 6) Connect the new relay. *Test the new flasher before placing it back into the fuse panel


Step: 7) If everything works properly reinstall the relay into the fuse panel by aligning the clip grove and pushing the relay in until it is seated correctly.

Step 8) Reinstall the kick panel by aligning the tabs and pushing down on the edges until it clicks into place.

Step 9) Reinstall the 10mm bolt

Step 10) Reinstall the doorway trim piece by lining up the clips to the openings on the kick panel and press down until it has clicked in place.

Check out our Step by Step installation video! 

Congratulations!! Your installation is now complete. If you experienced any issues in which unable to complete installation please contact us for assistance. 

Please feel free to contact us at for assistance. Our team of highly trained representatives will be available to assist and provide best solution. May also visit us at 

Looking for more LED upgrades for your vehicle. Check out the below bulb guide!  For your reference only. All information below is not 100% guaranteed accurate. Please check the vehicle owner’s manual before purchasing. 

Exterior Lights:

  • Headlight Low Beam: 9006
  • Headlight High Beam: 9005
  • Front Fog Light Bulb: 9006
  • Front Turn Signal Light: 3157
  • Front Side Marker Light: T10
  • Rear Tail Light: 3157
  • Rear Turn Signal Light: 3157
  • Rear Brake Light: 3157
  • Rear Reverse Light: 921
  • Center High Mount Stop Light: 921
  • License Plate Light: T10

Interior Lights:

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