Install 9008 H13 CANBUS LED Decoder Headlights Kits Eliminate error code

canbus LED decoder

How to install 9008 H13 SP Canbus LED Decoder and fix error codes or flickering

Advanced performance 9008 H13 CANBUS LED Decoder resistors anti flick headlights decoders are used for fixing the malfunction of 9008 H13 LED bulbs that are not light up, or flickering on and off, or have the high and low beam inverted after installing the led bulbs for American and European vehicles due to the led bulbs draw much less current than stock head lamps.

For most vehicles, the LED bulbs are just plug and play and is an easy installation. However, for some European vehicles, extra LED resistors or decoders or DRL anti-flickering harness maybe required to avoid the flickering or error code. Unfortunately not all vehicles experience this issue there for we advise to try the LED bulbs first to determine if an CANBUS LED Decoder or load resistor is required based on the symptoms experienced. 

If you choose to upgrade your old halogen bulbs to new ALLA Lighting LED bulbs, it is best to confirm you have the correct size replacement bulb by referencing the original stock halogen bulb part number located in the vehicles direct owner’s manual or directly on the original bulb.  You are also welcome to send an image of the original bulb detailing any lettering on it to our email so that we can assist in determining which bulb size you require as well as help with LED bulb suggestions. 


Please locate the H13  CANBUS LED Decoder error decoder at the link below. 

9008 H13 CANBUS LED Resistors Headlights Decoder Anti-Flickering Kits

Below we will show you how to install your new ALLA Lighting H13 9008 LED Decoders to your vehicle.

The following information is a step by step instructions on how to install your new H13 CANBUS LED Decoder Installation will vary depending on vehicle, year or trim model however installation should be as simple as installing your LED bulb as the decoder basically acts as an extension cord between the bulb and the vehicle. 


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Lets Get Started!!!

Step: 1) Start by unplugging the bulb connector from the vehicle harness.

Step: 2) Attach the LED decoder to a metal surface or away from plastic or wires using the built in eyelet as it can get hot and cause damage. 

* extra long cables allow you to secure the decoder onto your desired location.

Step: 3) Plug the bulb into the LED decoder.

Step: 4) Connect the LED decoder wires together by aligning the arrows on the connectors then screw together with the included connector.

Step: 5) Plug the LED decoder into the vehicle harness socket and check to see everything works accordingly before securing the bulb in place and secure the wire so that it is not moving around.

Check out our Step by Step installation video for our H13 9008 load resistors! 

Congratulations!! Your installation is now complete. If you experienced any issues in which unable to complete installation please contact us for assistance.


At times vehicles require a different device to help alleviate the issue. Depending on the symptoms experienced the device required might change however for the H13 9008 bulb size it is not likely as the LED error decoder resistor is the most common fix for any error codes, flickering, or when your high and low beam appear to be inverted (high beam is low beam, low beam is high beam). 

Please feel free to contact us at for assistance. Our team of highly trained representatives will be available to assist and provide best solution. May also visit us at 

Looking for more LED upgrades for your vehicle? Feel free to contact us for any bulb suggestions or assistance in determining which bulb you require.

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