2015-2021 Ford F-150 LED Headlight Bulb Upgrade and Replacement

How to install new LED headlight bulbs from ALLA Lighting


2015-2021 Ford F-150 Headlights, LED replacement. Ready to upgrade your old halogen bulbs? Find how to replace and complete installation here for LED headlight bulbs. Easy installation and how to tips! 

You may find your halogen bulbs are quite dim in your Ford -F150, which may make it hard to see in front, especially in bad weather or severe driving conditions. Upgrading your old halogen bulbs of your 2015 – 2021 Ford F-150 to new aftermarket LED bulbs can add a great new look to your vehicle as well as  enhance  visibility at night for safer driving experience.

If choose to upgrade your old halogen bulbs to new LED bulbs, it is best to confirm you have the correct LED replacement bulb by referencing the original stock halogen bulb part number located in the vehicles direct owner’s manual or directly on the original bulb.  

Below we will show you how to install your new ALLA Lighting LED bulbs to your Low beam.

Bulb Sizes for 2015 – 2021 F-150 low beam is H11. 

The following information is a step by step instructions on how to install your new H11 D-CR LED headlight bulbs.

Compatible Vehicles: 2015 F150, 2016 F150, 2016 F150, 2017 F150, 2018 F150, 2019 F150 2020, 2021 F150

Tools Required: The following will be the recommended tools required for your installation. 

  • Flathead screwdriver or trim removal tool
  • 8mm wrench/socket


Lets Get Started!!!

Step: 1) Loosen the fender liner by removing the 3 bolts and locking tab holding the fender liner. 

Step: 2) Use a clip removing tool or screwdriver to remove the locking tab. Now you can peel back the fender liner and reveal the bulbs.

*If you need more clearance you can remove a 4th bolt from the fender liner.

Step: 3) Locate the low beam bulb and pull off the dust cover. The dust cover is pressure fit and can simply be removed by pulling on the rubber boot.

Step: 4)  Turn counter-clockwise to free the bulb from the headlight housing.

Step: 5) Unplug the bulb by pushing down the tabs on the socket and pilling the connector off.

Step: 6) Make sure the LED bulb is adjusted with the LED chips facing left to right when in the housing so that the light reflects off of the side of the headlight reflector and not the top and bottom. (The LED bulb model in this video has an included Allen key for adjustment)

Tip: The cord should be facing down

Step: 7) Realign the tabs of the bulb with the housing and twist clockwise to lock the bulb in place.

Step 8) Plug the connector into the socket and make sure the bulbs power and everything works fine before reinstalling the dust cover and fender liner.

Step 9) If everything checks out and bulbs work fine tuck the LED driver and wires inside of the headlight, reinstall the dust cover and fender liner and you’re done!

Check out our Step by Step installation video! 

Congratulations!! Your installation is now complete for your 2015-2021 Ford F-150 headlights. If you experienced any issues in which unable to complete installation please contact us for assistance. If the  LED bulbs are experiencing hyper-flashing, flickering, an error code issues, then load resistors for this application will be required to be installed. These issues occur due to the LEDs low current nature which draws much less current than original stock halogen bulbs.

Please feel free to contact us at service@allalighting.com for assistance. Our team of highly trained representatives will be available to assist and provide best solution. May also visit us at www.allalighting.com 

Looking for more LED upgrades for your vehicle. Check out the below bulb guide!  For your reference only. All information below is not 100% guaranteed accurate. Please check the vehicle owner’s manual before purchasing. 

2015-2021 Ford F-150

Exterior Lights:

  • Headlight Low Beam: H11
  • Headlight High Beam: 9005
  • Front Fog Light Bulb: H10
  • Front Turn Signal Light: 7440
  • Front Side Marker Light: T10
  • Rear Tail Light: 3156/3157
  • Rear Turn Signal Light: 3156/3157
  • Rear Brake Light: 3156/3157
  • Rear Reverse Light: 3156/3157
  • Center High Mount Stop Light: 921
  • License Plate Light: T10

Interior Lights:

  • Trunk/Cargo Light: 921

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