LED Switchback Light Bulb w/o White at DRL Mode for Toyota Tacoma

LED Turn Signal Lights Bulbs FAQ

Issue with your LED switchback bulb for your Toyota Tacoma DRL only turning white while your headlamps are on and amber yellow while your headlamps are off? Don’t worry. We (Alla Lighting) are here to help. Below is a detailed explanation and solution for your current DRL issue.


Toyota Tacoma LED Turn Signal Blinker Switchback Lights Bulbs Upgrade
Toyota Tacoma LED Turn Signal Blinker Switchback Lights Bulbs Upgrade

Your Toyota Tacoma uses the same input circuit (bright element) for both DRL and Turn Signal Lights when the headlamps off. When you turn the Headlamps on, the input circuit changes to the (dimmer element) of the bulb (white color) and continues to use the (bright element) of the bulb (yellow color) for Turn Signal Lights.  The LED switchback has dual filament bulb, the low intensity light (dimmer element) will show white and high intensity light (bright element) will show amber yellow, that is the reason when you turn on the headlight, the DRL will turn white, yet when the headlight is off, the DRL will show the same amber yellow as the turn signal.

Is there a solution?

Here at Alla Lighting, we have met a solution to solve the Toyota Tacoma DRL issue only turning white when the vehicle headlamps are on and amber yellow when headlamps are off.  Below is a step by step instruction on how to solve this current issue.

     1) Expose the back side of the Diver’s Side Interior Junction Block. Locate the White 12-pin M1 Connector which is plugged into the backside of the Junction Block.

     2)  Disconnected the M1 Connector and with a proper Terminal Removal Tool, pull the #10 (light green & red wire) terminal from the connector.

     3)  Taped it off so it can always be reinstalled if needed. This disables DRL’s. Now you have manual control of your lighting. 


Now that you have completed the above instructions, the result are: No Headlamps, Park Lamps or DRL’s while on off mode. The only way to run your White LED “DRL” is in Park Lamp mode (only thing is that your Outer Marker Lights will be on as well). They will always stay white when the headlamps are off and on. When you signal left or right the LED’s will switch and flash amber yellow. They also will flash amber yellow when Hazards on turned on.

No more DRL issue! DRL will run white while headlights are off and turn amber yellow for turn signals and hazard lights.

Alla Lightings LED switchback function correctly! We hope the above instructions will work for you. If you still meet the issue, please contact us and we will assist customer.



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