Best and Brightest Error Free Reverse bulb 1860-3000W LED bulb NEW


Introducing our brightest Error-free Turn signal/Reverse LED bulb, our R1860-3000W!

Our R1860-3000W LED bulb is our newest and most advanced turn signal/reverse LED bulb we have produced up to date. Due to the small size of the 921/3157/7440/1156/1157 halogen bulbs, it is difficult to get much brightness out of the bulb however we have found a way to maximize the light output.


 In order to produce a brighter bulb option we have manufactured an LED bulb that features an external LED driver, efficient heat sink, as well as offers an error free plug and play experience. In order to produce a brighter more efficient bulb we strayed from the traditional bulb design retaining the same  bulb socket (either 921/3157/7440/1156/1157

Because we had to stray away from the traditional design we had to incorporate a new way to retain the bulb into your light housing. We incorporated a heat resistant silicone rubber grommet that allows the bulb to be pressure fit into the bulb cavity as seen in the image below. No twisting or locking into place required. Simply insert into the housing and bulb will stay in place.   

In order to increase the lifespan of the LED bulb we have moved the “brain” (LED driver) of the LED bulb away from the main heat component (the LED bulb itself) and placed it along the cord away from the bulb heat sink.

 We have also added and expanded the 6063 aluminum heat sink to protrude through the rear of the bulb as well as incorporated a turbine-shape inspired heatsink to allow for better heat dissipation.

All of the added cooling allows us to maximize the brightness that we are able to get out of the LED bulb, as well as our thin copper PCB board gives the bulb 360 degrees of light projection. The 1860-3000W bulb comes in at 1500 Lumen per bulb with a combined rating of 3000 Lumen with a pure white color temperature of 6000k-6500k depending on voltage. 

This bulb is Error-free meaning the bulb is CAN-BUS compatible eliminating the need for any load resistors or error decoders allowing this bulb to be a direct plug and play replacement for any bulb. (some vehicles will still require extra load resistors in extreme cases)

Available sizes

See our 1860-3000W at the link below. 










To check compatibility please see our bulb finder on our website at the link below or feel free to contact us directly over the phone or email. 

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