Tips to Find a Reliable & Best Amazon Seller in Auto LED Lights?

Due to more and more people tend to purchase auto LED lighting bulbs like headlights, fog lights, turn signal, brake tail, back-up reverse, license, interior lights, DRL off Amazon, the question: how to find a reliable and best Amazon seller is noticeable, for when we buy a product online, we hope our products are well standby and have good quality, the manufacturer is reliable too. Here are tips to help you find a reliable and the best Amazon seller in automotive LED lights bulbs.

 Check Amazon seller’s profile

As a consumer or buyer of Amazon, when you are interested in one product, and you want to know the seller’s information and feedback from different buyers, then you need to check Amazon seller profile as below steps, we will take one of our 921 LED bulb‘s listing on Amazon as example:

  1. When you are at the product page (click 921 LED bulb), at the right side under Buy Now button, there is one shown Sold by: seller name (Alla Lighting) as below shown:
Amazon Seller Profile Direction Lin



Alla Lighting Amazon Seller Profile

2. After you click the Amazon seller’s name, and will direct above page:

3. For this seller page, you will find below quite important information that help you know more about the seller

  • Business Address: whether the business is located in USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Korea, etc., you will know it is from, this is the real legal address, and you can decide whether you want to buy from a USA located brand, or other countries.
  • Feedbacks: Customers will leave feedback about the products shipping, description and service provided by the seller.
  • Ask a Question: at the right side, there is a yellow button “Ask a Question” that you can direct contact the seller about the products or need support
  • Customer Service Phone Number: This number is provided by a seller, if a seller is willing to provide a  USA located phone number, which is more easier to get in touch. US phone number starts +1 area code.
  • Returns & Refunds policy
  • Shipping Policy
  • Frequently Asked Question
  • Help
  • Products: which show all products the seller are selling on Amazon.

Check google reviews about this Amazon seller

Why we think Google reviews are quite reliable or we can trust it? The reason is because google reviews are come most local customers’ feedbacks, and the business must be USA located and offer local service as well, the reviews are more authentic and reliable. Then how to check the google reviews about the seller?

  1.  Please find the seller’s brand on Amazon’s product listing, the brand name usually shows first word or 2 words on product titles, or you can find it on Amazon product information which will show brand’s name as below (under product title or at the Product Information Part), we find the brand name is Alla Lighting
Under Top Bullets show Brand: Alla Lighting
Product Information shows Brand: Alla Lighting

2. Then please go to search column, and input the below format: brand name + address, like Alla Lighting address

Google ” Alla Lighting Address “

3. Locate the same words as brand name, and click it, and then it will got this seller’s Google’s reviews page, and click Google Reviews, and you will sell details showing different customers reviews, yet if you find the google business name maybe longer than brand name, that is normal, for brand name is not business name, a business can have different brand name, but it all will be checked out on its business website.

Alla Lighting Google Review Page
Yet if you are unable to locate the Amazon seller’s brand name, probably this seller is not USA located or newly seller or newly brand, as to you want to trust it or not, it depends on your decision.

If you have more FAQ about automotive LED lighting, please click here for more details.


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