How to Align/Aim/Adjust Headlights – LED Upgrade

How to Align/Aim/Adjust Headlights – LED Upgrade

LED lights are much stronger, more durable, and overall brighter. With that, you may want to switch your headlights to LED type. When you switch to LED headlights, you can’t just install them and expect them to work like the old bulbs. You must also know how to adjust headlights bulbs so that they aligned properly.

Gone are the days when we had to depend on incandescent and halogen bulbs. Now, LED headlights are the new, more efficient alternatives. They usually stand the test of time, but if your LED headlight bulbs have burned out already or you just want to replace them, here’s a guide on how to correctly align them. Correct alignment is important to see obstacles and signs on the road and to promote overall safety.

Why you need to adjust headlight for LED Headlights Bulbs Replacement?

You may be wondering why you need to adjust headlights when you upgrade the LED headlights bulbs replacement. Just to give you an idea, it is impossible for you to just pop the bulb in and use it.

If your LED headlights are not properly aligned, it’s possible for you to accidentally aim the light straight at mirrors of other drivers. When that happens, drivers that are in front of you may lose their vision. This may result in a possible car crash for both of you. Not only to adjust headlights keep you safe from accidents, but they will also make sure no one else on the road gets hurt as well.

First method to Align Headlights | Aiming Headlights | Adjust Headlights

Step 1: You need to clean your headlight lenses before you do anything.

Step 2: Drive close to a flat surface or wall. It’s also vital to make sure that the ground you are parked on is level.

Step 3: Shake your auto to make sure the suspension system is all settled. For more precise adjustments, inflate the tires to the specific psi capacity. Also, try to have someone sit in your driver’s seat and make sure the gas tank is half full at least. Then, turn on the low-beam headlights.

Step 4: Draw the lines by using a painter’s tape to mark the headlight beam’s top section with a horizontal line right on the wall. Either applying 1 long line or small sections wherein the brightest parts of the headlight beams are displayed.

If your car can enable horizontal adjustments, you can mark the distance from the headlight center with 2 vertical lines by making use of the tape. These are necessary lines for the projector headlight and for lining up the cutoff points of the beam. Just repeat these tape lines for the other headlight.

If one of headlight gets burned out and you are making use of 2 separate horizontal lines, apply the line right at exactly the same height as the other one. Measure the distance between the headlight centers and with that measurement, plot the vertical tape lines right on the wall. These lines are necessary as they’re your guide for installing the new headlights.

Step 5: While keeping it as straight as possible, try to reverse the vehicle from the wall around 25 feet. You may also check the manual to know the exact distance.

Step 6: It’s time to remove headlight assembly if needed then remove your current bulbs. Install the new LED headlight bulbs while securing the socket and get ready for some fresh new lights. You should check the right bulb type to optimize your experience. You may also check the owner’s manual of your auto for specific instructions on replacing headlight bulbs.

Step 7: Depending on the type of vehicle you have got, you may need to adjust headlights beam as well before or after the installment of the assembly. Check your owner’s manual as it is thoroughly explained there how to accurately adjust headlights beams. Align headlights in a way that the beam’s top edge is just at the same height as the horizontal lines you have secured. If you can adjust headlights horizontally, use your vertical tape lines for proper alignment.

It’s very important to do the headlight adjustment right as it makes or breaks road safety. Again, proper LED headlight replacement or adjustment is necessary to get the correct pattern and avoid blinding oncoming traffic. Safety is the priority here, so it’s important to solve your headlight problems as soon as possible. Proper headlight aim is always a must before hitting the road.

Second method to Align Headlights | Aiming Headlights | Adjust Headlights

Step 1: Clean both of your headlight lenses

Step 2: Park your vehicle on level ground that is 25 feet from a flat wall or surface

Step 3: Shake the vehicle to ensure that your suspension system is settled. For more precise adjustments, inflate all tires to their designated psi capacity and have someone sit in the driver’s seat. Also, make sure that your vehicle’s gas tank is at least half full.

Step 4: Measure from the ground to the center of your headlight assembly where the bulb is located. This step must be done for all vehicles. If your vehicle allows for horizontal headlight adjustments in addition to vertical adjustments, it’s important that you also measure the distance between the centers of both headlight bulbs.

The vehicle featured in this video allows for vertical headlight adjustments only; therefore, center lines aren’t necessary but are shown for demonstration purposes.

Step 5: Using painter’s tape, mark your headlight measurements on a flat wall. Measure from the ground up, and apply a horizontal line of tape to the wall; this line represents the top of your headlight beam. You can either apply one long, continuous line or small sections where the brightest areas of the headlight beams are shown.

If your vehicle allows for horizontal adjustments, mark the distance between your headlight centers with two vertical lines of tape. These lines are important for projector headlights and/or lining up beam cutoff points.

If one headlight is burned out, apply your horizontal tape line at the same height from the ground as the other line. These lines will be used as a guide when you install your new LED headlights.

Step 6: Remove headlight assembly if necessary, remove the current bulbs, and install your new LED headlights bulbs. Check your owner’s manual for specific instructions on how to replace your headlight bulbs.

Step 7: Depending on your vehicle, you may have to aiming headlights/adjust headlights beam before or after the assembly has been reinstalled. Your owner’s manual will explain how to adjust the beams. Align each headlight so that the top edge of the beam is at the same height as your horizontal line(s).

How to Align Aiming Adjust Headlights -LED Upgrade

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