Fix LED Turn Signal Light Hyper Flash

LED Turn Signal Lights Bulbs Installation Guide

How to Fix LED Turn Signal Light Hyper Flash/Blinking Fast?

Do you meet the led turn signal light blink fast or hyper flash? No worries, here are easy solutions. The led bulbs hyper flash due to led bulbs draw much less current than stock lamps, this will cause a sudden drop in the circuit’s resistance causing the hyper-flash or rapid blinking of the turn signals.

Methods to Avoid the LED Turn Signal Light Fast Blinking

  1. Installing the 50W 6ohm load resistor: connecting one side of the load resistor to turn signal positive wire, and the other side of the load resistor connecting to the signal light ground wiring

50W 6ohm load resistor fix LED turn signal light hyper flash 

    2. Install the led flasher relay. Most vehicles are equipped with the flasher relay, yet it only works for the stock incandescent/halogen lamp, not for led bulbs. For led bulbs, please replace the flasher to led flasher relay to avoid it.

E27-5PIN led flasher relay to Fix Signal Blinker Light Hyper Flash   

Here Is The Way to Find the OEM Flasher Replay’s Location

Firstly, Locate the vehicle’s relay cluster by checking your car’s owner’s manual, or switch to signal model to hear the click noise where the relay locates. Secondly, Locate the signal relay by checking the clicking noise comes from Thirdly, Remove the stock flasher relay and replace it with a new LED flasher relay.

    3. Install the directly plug and play load resistor, usually for BA15S / 1156 / 7506, BAY15D / 1157 / 2057 will be good suggestion, yet for T25 / 3157 / 3156 and T20 / 7443 / 7440 are careful, for T25 & T20 base have 2 types socket: standard and CK/ SRCK socket, if the load resistor only compatible with standard socket, but you install them at the CK socket, it will pop out the fuse and led bulbs.

T25 3157 4157 3057 LED 50W 6ohm Load Resistors Fix Signal Light Hyper Flash 

3 Comments on “Fix LED Turn Signal Light Hyper Flash

  1. I have installed all Alla high beam, low beam, front turn signals, all marker lights, tail lights, and back up lights in my 2013 GMC Sierra SLE pickup. I installed 6 ohm resistors at all four tail lights and all four front signal lights. I get fast flash on the turn signals front and back whe the interior light switch is in the Auto position. When I turn the light switch to the park light position or in the headlight position, the fast flash goes away and normal flash of the signal lights is established. What is my way to cure this? Should I install extra resistors on the flashers?

    • Thanks for your comment, yes, for led signal lights bulbs, due to led bulbs draw much less power than stock lamps, extra load resistors maybe required to avoid the signal hyper flash. for your vehicle, please try to install the load resistors, and it will help to solve the issue. here is a video to show how to install the load resistors for your reference:

    • Hi, Jack, thanks for your message, would you please contact us directly, for we are not sure what type of load resistors you purchased, please provide us your order number and email for further assistance, thanks in advance.

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