2013-2019 Chevy Spark Brake Stop Light – LED Lights Replacement

LED strobe brake light

Chevy Spark LED brake light installation

Chevy Spark Rear Brake light installation. LED replacement bulbs. Ready for new super bright LED brake lights to enhance your driving experience? Great! lets get to work. We will be installing the STR-2835-7443-39R-Red LED Brake light bulb to the 2014 Chevy Spark.

You may find your halogen bulbs are quite dim, which may make it hard to see in front, especially in bad weather or severe driving conditions. Upgrading your old halogen bulbs of your Chevy Spark to new aftermarket LED bulbs can add a great new look to your vehicle as well as  enhance  visibility at night for safer driving experience.

Step#1 : Start by opening the trunk, then remove the two screws holding the assembly

Step#2 : Once the screws are removed, pull the assembly off

Step#3 : There are two pins that hold the assembly in place. Remove the socket counter-clockwise and pull it out and then pull the bulb directly out

Step#4 : To install, just plug it into the socket, then put the bulb back in the housing and twist clockwise to lock

Step#5 : Match the two pins back and push the assembly in, then reattach the screws and that’s it for installation

Please check out the complete installation video via the link below

We hope this is very helpful. If you have any questions or installation issues, feel free to contact us via email service@allalighting.com and one of our helpful representatives will be able to assist.

Chevy Spark 2013-2019 Chevy Spark: Below, we also show the bulb sizes for different positions for your reference. *Important: The following information is based on a guide and may not be 100% accurate. We strongly advise to reference your direct vehicle owner’s manual or the stock bulb part number for confirmation before purchase.

  • High / Low Beam Headlight Bulb (for the vehicle with halogen capsule headlamp): H13 9008
  • Front Fog Light Bulb for 2013-2015 Chevy Spark: H11
  • Front Fog Light Bulb for 2016-2019 Chevy Spark: 2504 PSX24W
  • Front Turn Signal Light Bulb: 7444NA
  • Parking Light: 7444NA
  • Back-Up Reverse Light Bulb: 921 W16W

Brake Stop / Tail Lights Bulb (halogen/incandescent): 7443

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