How to Change | Install 2007-2015 Chevy Silverado Headlights Bulbs Replacement- Low Beam?

You can have the best wheels, but it will not matter much if your Chevy Silverado headlights bulbs are not functioning or bright enough. Fortunately, changing a 2007-2015 Chevy Silverado headlights bulb is a relatively painless process.

Functioning Chevy Silverado headlights are important for safely driving any vehicle, but they go out occasionally. Having an idea about changing a Silverado headlight and the things to look for when the front of your car goes dark can help you solve the problem quickly.

Losing the illumination from one of your Chevy Silverado headlights is worse than running around at night with one eye closed. Perhaps a bulb has burned out or a minor accident has claimed the lens, the reflector, or perhaps the entire housing of the lamp might need replacement.

And in addition to the obvious danger, there are also the risks of a citation from a law enforcement agent and the possible gouge from an hourly rate of a repair shop. But you can handle the situation yourself and save money in the process while feeling the warm glow of accomplishment by changing a headlight yourself.

See if the Silverado headlights bulb is out

Knowing the cause of a headlight problem starts with some observation. First, put on your headlights to see if it’s just one light that’s out. If one is out, 90 percent of the time, the light will go back on by simply replacing the bulb. One quick test, if you don’t have a bulb handy or if you are out on the road when you notice the headlight issue, is to pull over and tap the light with your fist, which sometimes will make it come on.

If it goes on, that means the filament is burnt out. When you hit it, you’re shaking the filament and, if this makes contact, it lights up. This can at least enable you to make it to an area where you can buy a new bulb and change it.

How to change a Chevy Silverado headlight bulb?

Fortunately, it’s mostly simple to replace a headlight bulb. A lot of halogen high-intensity-discharge (HID) or light-emitting-diode (LED) bulbs today are easy to change. They are held in place by rotating bayonet-style retainers or thin wire clips. They can be easily popped out from behind the headlight housing, unplugged from wiring, and swapped for a functioning bulb.

But to change a headlight, you have to first determine the type of bulb you require. The first place to look is in the manual of your car – whether it is for 2015 Silverado headlights, 2011 Silverado headlights, or a truck headlight.

If you can’t find the manual but you know the model, year, and make of your car, you can consult with a counter person at an auto-parts store or refer to the headlamp booklet that usually stays in the parts store’s headlamp aisle. And lastly, you can always pull the bad bulb and bring it to the store for reference.

You can change a 2007-2015 Chevy Silverado headlight in these steps, below we will use 2015 Silverado headlights bulbs’ installation guide as an example.

Step 1: Power down your 2015 Silverado

To make sure that you’re safe, power off the 2015 Chevy Silverado pickups and remove the keys from the ignition.

Step 2: Locate the Silverado headlight holder

Make sure your Silverado is parked on a level surface in a well-lit area. Set the emergency brake and release the hood by pulling the lever located at the far left side of the footwell of the driver. You can find your 2015 Silverado headlight bulb through the engine compartment of your car, rather than from the front of the car.

Go to the front of your Silverado and open the hood by placing your hand in the gap between hood and grill. Locate the lever assembly, and slide leftward slightly. You should be able to lift the hood fully upward.

Once you open your hood, you’ll find the headlight close to the front of the truck. It will be in a bulb holder, with a power connector, mostly three cables, leading to the bulb.

Step 3: Take the Silverado headlamp assembly out

Find the two dowel pins on top of the headlamp assembly and rotate the headlamp retainer pins until they come out of the headlamp housing. If the pins are hard to remove, use a flat blade screwdriver. Place it between headlight housing and pin, and twist gently to take the pin out.

Step 4: Remove the power cables

The power wires are linked to a plug at the base of the headlight bulb, and are attached by a plastic catch, a metal clip or a screw cap, depending on the Silverado led headlight model. The plastic catch will have a small lever at the top – push down on it while you take the plug out. If you’re dealing with a metal clip, pull it up and away, and ensure you hold onto it as you pull. If your car has a screw cap, you can unscrew it by turning it counter-clockwise.

Step 5: Remove the old bulb

After you’ve disconnected the wires, you should be able to take the back of the headlight holder out and remove the old bulb by holding onto the base. In some instances, you will have to rotate the bulb a bit to get it free.

Some Chevy models may give added service space through small hinged or rotating panels inside the front wheel wells.

A few tricky models, however, may need the removal of many splash shields, air-cleaner housings, and even washer-fluid bottles for full access before you can change a bulb. This is why you need to keep a pair of latex gloves, a flashlight, a flat-bladed screwdriver, a small box of sockets, and a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Step 6: Clean and install the new bulb

Handle the new Silverado LED headlight bulb with gloves or tissues to prevent your skin oil from getting on it, as it can cause the bulb to prematurely fail. Also, give it a good cleaning with an alcohol wipe before installing it. After the bulb is ready, stick it into the base of the plug. Install it by inserting into headlight housing and twisting clockwise 90 degrees.

Step 7: Reconnect harness to new Silverado LED headlight bulbs

You should hear a ‘click’ when the connected seats fully. Slightly tug on the connection to make sure that the harness is fully connected.

If it is correctly installed, you’ll not see any of the rubber gaskets of the bulb. Once the bulb is in you can put the headlight holder back in place and connect the power wires back. Ensure you test the Silverado LED headlight bulb by turning on your headlights.

As to the bulb size guide, please click Chevy Silverado LED Lights Bulbs for more details.

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